Deborah Fisher - Certified Massage Therapist

OFFICE: 707-769-8340 | 707-318-1082 | CAMTC certified #42973


About Debbie Fisher

Debbie Fisher has more than 20 years of experience performing full-time massages. She studied and was certified at Sebastopol Massage School. Debbie then went on to complete a deep tissue and sports massage program at McKinnon Institute in Oakland, California. She has also studied reflexology and shiatsu.

Why Are Her Massage Services Superior To Other Massage Centers?

Debbie schedules time between clients, so that her customers get a full hour on the table, versus a massage center or spa that only provides 50 minutes for an hour massage. She also takes frequent breaks so that she is always refreshed and ready for you.

Her office is very quiet and low-key. Parking is easy in her downtown Petaluma location, without the inconvenience of noisy traffic.

Additionally, since this is her private company, Debbie's prices are lower than a massage center or spa!

Call Deborah Fisher for an appointment: 707-769-8340 (707-318-1082)
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